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It’s time to launch the economy of DEXART

Purchase Energy Units, launch token production, gain maximum benefits

Energy Units sale is over

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Monetization of users’ attention

DXA token is a cryptocurrency that is backed by the attention of the DEXART users. New tokens appear only when users spend time in the metaverse, engage in activities and game mechanics.

Token production

We created the Token Production Facility (TPF). To launch the TPF users need energy that is stored in Energy Units. Units power the TPF and get depleted over time, the TPF produces tokens that gather in the users’ storages.

The more energy, the more tokens

TPF produces tokens over a period of time. The longer it keeps working, the more efficient the production becomes. Just don’t forget to replace the depleted Energy Units and gather the tokens from the storage or it will be filled to the top and the production will stop.

How to spend your tokens

You can use your tokens to purchase something in DEXART, exchange on a dex, upgrade TPF or the storage facility.

Special status

Users who take part in producing the tokens gain special status — DEX Builder. They also receive a unique NFT-item for their avatar.



Q4 2022
  • Launch of token production
  • Staking launch
Q1 2023
  • Start of production of loot boxes
  • Launch of quests on DEXARt world map
  • Launch of DEX Farm - plant&earn game
  • Launch of marketplace
Q2 2023
  • Launch of game mechanics in the GAMBLING district – DEXARt casino
  • Launch of rent feature for parcels and spaces
Q3 23
  • Payouts of copyright rewards
  • Holding world events
  • Placing ads in the world
  • Opening of DexArt 3D world


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